The Livingston Arts Center: It’s Time to Shine!

At the Livingston Art Center, we’re proud of our beautiful downtown gallery, and we’re equally proud to showcase the works of local artists across a variety of ages, cultures, and media. This is your invitation to come view what we have on display and join our vibrant community of creators!

Our members believe that art can bring a community to life and give our friends and neighbors a chance for fun and healthy self-expression. Artists can thrive when they have a place to display their art, and communities come together and build a sense of pride when they work together to make their neighborhood beautiful. Art has been proven to have positive impacts on our mood, mental health, and cognitive skills. These ideas are what drive the programming and opportunities we offer. The Livingston Arts Center brings community members together for a chance to build friendships, practice their crafts, and beautify our neighborhood. Our goal is to give artists a chance to learn, a place to create, a place to practice, and a place to shine. Come visit us today or explore our site to learn more about the exciting opportunities that the Livingston Arts Center has to offer!