Artist Opportunities

The primary goal of the Livingston Arts Center is to provide opportunities for artists. We do this by giving our creators plenty of chances to display and share their work in a series of gallery showings and events featuring other media.

Gallery Showings: We have two galleries to display artwork in, and we also decorate our lobby and the hallways with our artists’ works. Displays are rotated in and out on a regular basis. Stop by every month to see some new artwork! If you participate in classes and events at the Livingston Arts Center, you can be sure you’ll have a spot in our galleries. But if you are new to us and interested in displaying your work here, please feel free to contact us for information.

Intercollegiate Art Shows: We work with local colleges to provide opportunities for our artists to display their work on campus. In exchange, college students teach some of our classes as part of their internship programs, and student artists can show their work in our galleries.

Poetry Slam Cafe: Every Saturday, we gather with coffee and treats and our local young poets take to the stage for a slam. Sometimes, we even have theme nights. Check our schedule to find out whether it’s a theme day! The slam takes place on Saturdays from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.

Open Mic Night: This one’s for the musicians! Whatever you play, it’s time to hit the stage and sing, rock, or rap: Whatever your jam is, this is the event for you. We play on Friday nights from 7 to 9. This is a great opportunity for our local musicians to play live!

Beautify Downtown: We take our art to the streets every summer. The painters decorate the sidewalks and storefronts, the sculptors build up a performance space, and our musicians take to the stage to deliver music on a fun-filled day to share art with the community.

Livingston Art Zine: Every month, we gather submissions for our zine! The magazine collects photos, short fiction, and poetry from local artists. You can also find the latest news on our local art scene, read about our featured artist, and learn about upcoming events at the Livingston Art Center. Contact us for more information about submitting a piece for the Livingston Art Zine!