These are a few of the exciting events that the community looks forward to most each year.

Spring Film Festival

As the weather warms up, enjoy a lovely outdoor film screening featuring local filmmakers. The event spans three evenings. Each film is preceded by a panel by the creative teams, the screening follows, and then a Q&A session is hosted afterward. We’ll release a schedule and descriptions of films prior to the event. Come enjoy the ones you’re interested in or stay for every feature!

Collaborative Arts Gallery Showing

We run a six-month collaborative art class and project that teams up artists who work in different media. They create works of art inspired by and with the help of their fellow artists. In January, we display these works in our gallery. Come see these thought-provoking pieces that showcase the way artists can inspire one another. In the past, we have had musicians create a piece based on the work of a visual artist, who in turn creates another piece based on the music created. You might also see sculptures based on the work of a photographer or a short film inspired by a painting. The possibilities are endless: Come see for yourself!

Fall Fashion Show

You won’t want to miss this amazing display of wearable art! Our local artists and costumers work together to create amazing dresses, suits, and more that feature fascinating, unexpected, and lively palettes of color, texture, and shape. You won’t find clothes like these at your average department store. If you see a piece you have to have for yourself, you might be able to take it home: We auction off the pieces when the event is over, with the proceeds benefiting area homeless shelters. Enjoy some eye-catching fashion, maybe grab a new outfit for yourself, and support helping those in need.